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IMG_0130Stallholders information (email for Application form)

Kangaroo Valley Farmers Markets

159 Moss Vale Road Kangaroo Valley

2nd Sunday of every Month, 9am – 1.00pm

Market Information and General Terms and Conditions

1. All stallholders must complete and lodge an Application Form prior to the market and agree to abide by the Market Terms and Conditions.

Stallholders & Produce

2. “A Farmers Market is a predominantly fresh food market that operates regularly within a community, at a focal public location that provides a suitable environment for farmers and food producers to sell farm-origin and associated value-added processed food products directly to customers.” Australian Farmers’ Market Association The geographical area from which the Farmers’ Market will primarily accept stallholders will be within 30km of Kangaroo Valley. Stallholders are able to sell their own grown produce, sell by-products where their produce is the core ingredient, and sell locally homemade produce such as cakes, condiments, etc. Produce cannot be sourced from elsewhere or another retailer or wholesales and re-sold at the markets. Outside vendors may be allowed, at the discretion of the Market Committee, if their product adds to the diversity of the market.The following products will be permitted for sale:

  • Edible products which are produced, caught, grown or raised locally. These are to make up the majority of produce sold at the market.
  • Edible value-added products where the primary ingredient is produced locally.
  • A non-edible product which is grown or produced locally e.g. flowers, plants, compost.

3. Approval of products sold by stallholders is on the basis of the products specified on their Application. If a stallholders product changes, a new Application must be submitted.

Permanent Stallholders

4. Stallholders may apply to become permanent. Stallholders must reapply to become permanent each calendar year. Permanent stallholders will have preference of stall position over casual stallholders, at the Market Committee’s discretion.

5. Permanent stallholders will automatically be booked in to each market. They may cancel their attendance in accordance with the market cancellation policy. Cancellations should be in writing.

6. A stall is defined by a 3m x 3m area. If additional space is required, you can apply for a multiple stall at an additional cost.

7. The Market Committee reserves the right to change the size, shape and position of any site(s) as may be necessary to allow market stalls to better fit within the premises.

Casual Stallholders

8. Casual stallholders need to complete a stallholder application form advising the date of markets / months they would like to book. They may cancel their attendance in accordance with the market cancellation policy.

9. A stall is defined by a 3m x 3m area. If additional space is required, you can apply for a multiple stall at an additional cost.

11. The Market Manager reserves the right to change the size, shape and position of any site(s) as may be necessary to allow market stalls to better fit within the premises.

Community Stall

12. The Community Stall provides an outlet for smaller growers or producers to sell their surplus production. Because of seasonality and small scale of production, small growers, producers and households may not feel it economical to pay for their own market site. The Community Stall provides the solution; and a great opportunity to grow your business, make some money, meet new friends with like interests and have some fun!

13. Designated space will be given to your produce on the Community Stall, as you will be sharing your produce with a number of other producers. In situations where a producer exceeds a sensible level of produce on the community stall, the Market Committee will advise the need to upgrade to a standard stall where standard stall fees and space apply.


14. The cost per stall is $35, A stall is defined by a 3m x 3m area. If additional space is required, you can apply for a multiple stall. Additional 3m x 3m space will be an extra $25 on top of the original stall fee. Stall fees will be collected on the day of the market.

15. For individuals wanting to sell their produce on the Community Stall, a 20% commission from your profits will be deducted as your fee for sales on the stall. (there is no community stall at the moment)

Optional marketing and advertising on the website and Media Release available on website for an extra fee.

Arrival and Departure

16. The Market will be open to the public between 8.00am and 2.00pm on market days in the warmer months, and 9am and 12.30pm during the colder months. Exact times / months will be communicated with the stallholders and will be noted on the Market website.

17. Stallholders may commence setting up their stalls from 7.30am (in warmer months) and 8am (in colder months) on market days. Stall holders must have set up by market commencement. Stallholders must vacate the premises by 3.00pm.

18. Upon arrival at the market, please look for one of the Market Committee Members (in a Kangaroo Valley Farmers Markets Apron) who will direct you to the location of your stall, provide information on car parking and assist with any other matters.

19. Stallholders must park on the surrounding road and set up their stall according to the site plan. No vehicles are allowed to enter 165 Moss Vale Road or drive on guttering.

20. Stallholders will be designated a site for their stall. Stallholders are not permitted to change the location of their stall without the permission of the Market Committee. The Market Committee reserves the right to change the location of the designated site.

21. The speed limit for vehicles around the market area is 5km/hr.


22. Stallholders must remain at their stalls and are not to harass the public or other stallholders.

23. As children will be in attendance, no products, goods or behavior that could be considered offensive may be displayed.

24. Stallholders are encouraged to use recyclable packing (eg. paper bags) No plastic bags.

25. The Market Committee reserves the right of refusal to stallholder applicants. Stallholder bookings may be cancelled.

26. Market Days will be the 2nd Sunday of every month. The Market will not operate on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day Boxing Day, Easter Saturday, Anzac Day, New Years Day, when clashes occur with other events on the site.

27. No loudspeakers or generators are permitted.

28. Stallholders are responsible for providing all of their own display materials.

29. As rubbish bins are limited, stallholders are asked to take their own rubbish home with them. Please ensure that all items and rubbish are removed and the stall site and surrounding area is left clean and tidy.

30. All market stalls are to be conducted from secure, prefabricated structures or furniture, within the individual stall boundaries. Stalls and any associated signs, weather protection devices or other equipment must be securely parked/fastened/tied down in order to prevent accidental damage, collapse or injury, including during adverse weather conditions and in accordance with any relevant manufactures’ instructions.

31. No stall is to have a wall exceeding 3m x 3m (unless they have applied for additional space and this has been approved by the Market Committee) and all stalls shall have an exit of minimum 800mm width to an adjacent space to afford a ready means of egress for site users.

32. Stallholders are responsible for ensuring that there are no health or safety risks associated with their stall.

33. A permanent amenities block is present within 165 Moss Vale Road but Public toilets are located 100m away including separate male, female and disabled toilets.


34. The Market Manager reserves the right to cancel a market for any reason, such as extreme weather or other. In such an event, best efforts will be made to contact stallholders that have booked a stall in advance.

35. Stallholders cancelling their attendance must make best endeavours to advise the Market Committee at least 48 hours prior to market day. An inability to do this may incur payment of the normal stall fee.

Insurance & GST

36. Vendors must provide evidence of an appropriate public and/or product liability insurance ‘Certificate of Currency’ when applying for a site. If you require insurance for your stall it can be obtained from or

37. Kangaroo Valley Farmers Markets is not registered for GST and is therefore not responsible for the collection and payment of sales tax (GST) for individual vendors.

Market Website & Use of Logos

38. Kangaroo Valley Farmers Markets maintains a modern and informative website that attracts ‘internet traffic’ from individuals interested in growing, fresh produce, healthy eating and participating in the markets.

39. The Market Committee will request your logo and product information to be displayed on the Market website, including your contact details.

40. The most up to date Market information can always be found on the Market website at or by contacting the Market Committee.

Optional marketing and advertising on the website and Media Release available.

Changes to Market Terms & Conditions / Guidelines

41. Should changes take place to the Market Terms & Conditions / Guidelines, the most up to date copy can be found on the Market website at Should changes significantly affect stallholders directly, information will be supplied to stallholders by email.

Market Safety Procedures

These procedures are site specific for stallholders attending the Kangaroo Valley Farmers Markets. These procedures, which form part of the Market Rules, cover the hazards, control measures and site safety rules that apply to each area of the Market site. You are encouraged to retain a copy of this information.

42. Site Access – No vehicles are to be driven on to 165 Moss Vale Road Kangaroo Valley. Given the size of the market area market stall holders will be required to carry or cart their products to their stall, which is only a short walking distance from parking.

43. Parking – There is plenty of parking in the council car park 50m away.

44. First Aid, Fire Extinguishers – A First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher will be located at the Market Information Stall.

45. Canopies, Tents and Ropes – Stallholders are to secure their sites against wind, rain and storm events. In extreme weather conditions, the Market Committee may decide to cancel the market for that particular day. All ropes are to have high visibility ribbons attached so as to ensure they are visible. Avoid stringing ropes or power cables in high pedestrian areas and ensure that all tent pegs / stakes are covered with plastic or cloth protection in case any person falls on them. Power leads should not lie on the ground uncovered and where possible extension/power cables should be connected overhead so as not to present an obstacle.

46. Power Lines and Electrical Equipment – There are no identified overhead power lines on this site; however there may be several powered sites within the park. All shelters, equipment, fittings or materials used at the Market are subject to a safety inspection. The outward sign of electrical compliance with the Act will be an Electrical Test Tag to AS3760. All leads and cables must be secured in a manner so as not to create trip hazards. If any shelters, equipment, fittings or materials are deemed not to comply with OH&S regulations, or are considered to be unsafe for any reason, they shall be removed from the site at the expense of the Vendor.

47. Injury- Any injury regardless of how minor must be reported to a Market Committee member who will assist you with first aid and record the details of the injury. You are encouraged to retain this information as it provides details that you may wish to refer to at a later date. Should you require further information concerning the hazards, control measures, safety rules or the operation of the Market site, please consult the Kangaroo Valley Farmers Markets on

48. SALE OF FOOD When temporary/ mobile food stalls are to be established, the normal approvals in accordance with Council’s Mobile Food Stalls and Temporary Food Premises Code and Food Act 2003, Food Regulation 2004 and ANZFA – Food Safety Standards 2001, are to apply, provided that application for such shall be submitted to Council in sufficient time to allow administrative procedures and facility inspection to be carried out during normal Council working hours. Further information with regard to these approvals is available by contacting Council’s Development and Environmental Services Group.


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